Self-Published project

The global situation lately has pushed us to find different ways to stay connected and to feel present.
Tele-presence is a response to that, it explores sound as a way to connect, share and feel.

For the project I asked friends that were in different parts of the world to send me an audio of whatever they thought was special or interesting. I received around 20 audios of all sorts of things.. from a call to prayer in Tel Aviv to a cat chewing a bird in Tijuana.

The audio sent in from friends was visualized through FFT analysis within Processing, and output and compiled into a book and accompanying dataset. The dataset includes all of the audio collected and is meant to be played while viewing the work so that the sound you are seeing can be experienced simultaneously while flipping through the physical book.

Printed by CanCan Press

The design of the project plays with the idea of distance and time as a linear element, represented in different ways within the format and compositions of the book. The sequencing and pacing of the spreads emphasize distance and space, with each spread representing 30 seconds of audio.